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See How Well the Cast of Wet Hot American Summer Has Aged

Photo: Netflix

It’s been almost 15 years since we were first introduced to the counselors of Camp Firewood in Wet Hot American Summer; Netflix’s prequel series takes us back to the future, so to speak. In eight episodes released on Friday, First Day of Camp features nearly every adult cast member from the 2001 movie — plus enough notable guest stars to make a mini Mad Men reunion — all playing their characters, eight weeks younger, while being a decade-and-a-half older in real life.

Some haven’t aged a day since 2001 (Paul Rudd), others have miraculously grown younger (Janeane Garofalo), but everyone can agree that having 40-to-50-year-olds playing teenagers is a great idea. Take a look at how each of the main characters changed from the first day of camp (2015, on the right) to the last (2001, on the left). Spoilers for First Day of Camp ahead.

See How Well the Cast of WHAS Has Aged