Will Forte Tried to Pass the ‘Falconer’ Torch to Amy Poehler at ‘SNL’

In anticipation of the Emmy Awards this September (written by Scott Aukerman and the Comedy Bang! Bang! crew, no less), Variety sat down with nominees Amy Poehler and Will Forte to talk about their shows and favorite SNL memories, and the two revealed a great bit of SNL trivia – particularly for fans of Forte’s recurring sketch “The Falconer”:

Poehler: One of my favorites is when everybody played the Falconer, a character Forte used to play. Frankly, one could argue the Falconer was in some ways a precursor, at least beard-wise, to Last Man on Earth. There was one sketch where we all had to play him, I forget the premise … Forte: It was a time machine. The Falconer gets shot and we kept going back in the time machine with more Falconers. Poehler: I remember the delight that Will had when we were all dressed as Falconers, all various shapes and sizes and genders. It was like this dream of his, being surrounded by versions of his own character. Forte: It’s still the No. 1 thing in my spank bank. Amy, do you remember when I wrote a Falconer where I killed myself and tried to make you the Falconer? Poehler: You tried to pass it off to me. I feel like at this point in my life I know what I can do well and I remember saying, “Will, I can’t.” But I appreciated the confidence. Do you think you’ll do that with your show next season? Just hand it off to somebody else to play the lead?

Forte starred in a total of nine “Falconer” sketches from 2002-2006. Read the rest of his interview with Poehler over at Variety, then watch the “Time Travel” sketch below:

Will Forte Tried to Pass the ‘Falconer’ Torch to Amy […]