Ridley Scott Says Prometheus 2 Will Be an Alien Movie With a Title You May Recall From High School

Prometheus. Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

In an interview for The Martian this week, Ridley Scott dropped more information about the forthcoming Prometheus sequel and how much it would tie into the Alien franchise. As it turns out, much like a facehugger, the Alien franchise has already lept onto the Prometheus franchise and taken over its insides: Instead of being called Prometheus 2, the sequel will now be titled Alien: Paradise Lost. According to Scott, the film will explore “why and how and when the beast was invented.” (There will be “similarities” to John Milton’s famous poem, Scott promised, but “that’s where it stops.”) This is the exact opposite of what Scott said earlier this week, when he told a German site that the Prometheus series wouldn’t connect with Alien until the third or fourth film. So either that was a mistranslation, or Ridley Scott is making up new information about Prometheus 2 every day just to mess with us.

Prometheus 2 Will Be an Alien Movie