This Guy Beat the Final Course of American Ninja Warrior to Become Its First Winner Ever

American Ninja Warrior, the show you ironically watch while dipping pretzels in ice cream, has crowned its first winner after seven seasons. 33-year-old Isaac Caldiero became the wealthiest busboy in America when he beat the final course, Mount Midoriyama — a daunting obstacle course it seemed only Spider-Man could complete. But there’s a great tragedy to this story: Another competitor, Geoff Britten, actually became the first person to beat the course earlier in the night, but because Caldiero beat his time by 3.6 seconds, Caldiero got the $1 million prize while Britten went home with nothing. Reality television! So real! Here’s a clip of Caldiero on the third and fourth leg of the course:

American Ninja Warrior Has Its First Winner Ever