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Andy Daly Writes About a Disconcerting Phenomenon Happening Between Review and the Real World

Photo: Comedy Central

It’s still unclear whether or not Review takes place in purgatory, but it is clear that something strange is definitely going on. Andy Daly, the show’s star and co-creator, wrote to Vulture to explain why he might be a god.

In last night’s episode of Review, Forrest got a prison-yard pillow fight going, and it caused terrible injuries when people put heavy objects in their pillowcases. This probably seemed familiar to anyone who read about the totally insane freshman-cadet pillow fight at West Point a couple weeks ago, which went down in just about the same way. Here’s an article about that: “Annual West Point Pillow Fight Injured 30.”

Our segment was shot long before that story broke, so we must have been shocked when we read about such a similar thing actually happening, right?  Well, not exactly, because we’re kind of getting used to it. This was hardly an isolated incident.  Check this out:  

I don’t know what the hell is going on here!  But I do know what’s going to happen to Forrest in next week’s season finale, and if this pattern continues, something terrible is coming! Oh, Lord!

Andy Daly: Something Is Happening With Review