emmys 2015

HBO Knew Andy Samberg Would Give Out His Real HBO Now Login

67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show
Andy Samberg. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the biggest non-awards-related surprise of the Emmys, Andy Samberg gave out his HBO Now login live on-air — username: khaleesifan3@Emmyhost.com; password: password1 — and much to everyone’s surprise, it worked! We had two questions: One, was this some kind of paid product placement, and if not, did HBO know this was coming? We reached out to our contacts at the network to see. Apparently, the placement was not paid for, but the Emmys team was nice enough to give HBO a heads-up that the gag was coming. Only one more question: Will the login last long enough for everyone to catch up on Olive Kitteridge?

HBO Knew Samberg Would Give Out HBO Now Login