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The Second Angry Birds Trailer: An Eggs-cellent Excuse for an All-out Ground War

It’s like they always say: Never trust an island of pigs with your unborn offspring. The latest Angry Birds trailer fleshes out the film’s plot, in which shipbuilding pigs steal all the birds’ eggs and the birds must turn to anger as a recourse. While “it’s okay to be angry” would be a fascinating moral for a children’s movie, Angry Birds seems to promote a more neutral “everyone can help by being different” message. Some birds are angry, some can shoot fireballs out of their butts, and some can rocket into stone walls without their skulls exploding. At least one bird constantly whispers “Oh, my gosh” after shocking events — and where would we be without him? Not here. Jason Sudeikis heads up the film’s ragtag team of comedians, including Bill Hader, Keegan-Michael Key, and Ike Barinholtz in the voice department. The movie hits theaters in May. You can watch the first trailer and the original teaser below:

The Second Angry Birds Trailer: This Means War