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Bryan Cranston Also Wants to Revisit Malcolm in the Middle Because It Would Be Fun and Adorable

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Bryan Cranston. Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/2014 Getty Images

On the heels of Frankie Muniz’s brilliant Malcolm in the Mid-Life Crisis pitch-tweet last week, another former Malcolm star has admitted to having gotten bitten by the nostalgia bug: Bryan Cranston. Talking to Entertainment Tonight Canada, Cranston, who was asked which of his roles he’d like to return to, promptly nixed Breaking Bad (“We just covered it completely, I think”), and landed right on Hal. As Malcolm’s dad, Cranston played a very scream-y, goofy, pretty oblivious patriarch. “It’s been 10 years since [Malcolm] went off the air,” Cranston explained to ET, “and it’d be fun to pick up that guy’s clothes again and be fun and sweet and adorable and hapless and clueless and afraid of everything.”

Yes, please, yes it would (what is happening):

Anything for more of this:

B. Cranston Also Wants to Revisit Malcolm