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Christopher Nolan’s Next Film, Which Is Top Secret, Is Slated for 2017

Christopher Nolan. Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

The next time you can watch a brand-new Christopher Nolan feature film will be July 21, 2017, THR reports. The unnamed project will find a home with Warner Bros., and will open in an already claustrophobic blockbuster summer (between the next Spider-Man and the next Planet of the Apes — yes, that will be the best summer in history, maybe). And that’s about all that’s known now because Nolan, in typical Nolan fashion, has asked that all other details about the movie be kept under wraps. So for now, you can either keep convincing yourself that he’s coming out with a live-action reboot of WALL-E starring TARS that will surprise-drop next year, or — if you really need a dose of Nolan, as well as reality — you can check out Quay, his short about stop-motion animators and twin brothers Stephen and Timothy Quay. (EW notes that it will be available on Blu-ray on October 20.)

Christopher Nolan’s Next Film Slated for 2017