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Stephen Colbert, Jeb! Bush Get Into Intense VIP-Offer War

In what is probably Colbert’s last pre-show web video (his words), the soon-to-be late-night host takes issue with a brazen Late Show email Jeb! Bush sent to his supporters earlier this week. The message in question essentially made a raffle out of one of Colbert’s seats, without permission. “Today we’re formally launching our Stephen Colbert Late Show contest, where we’ll fly one lucky winner to New York” with a “VIP ticket to the very first taping of the Late Show with a new host,” the email read. To initially enter, Jeb! wanted a $3 contribution to his campaign. It’s as easy as that, right? Wrong. Colbert responded thusly:

To enter Colbert’s raffle, just go here. But wait! Because Jeb! is hip, he responded via social media, a few hours later:

And he’s already holding people accountable — good work, Stephen!

Colbert, Bush Get Into VIP-Offer War