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Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal Are Making a Movie Together Where They Probably Won’t Kiss, So Here’s a Picture of Their Faces Close Together So You Can Imagine It Yourself

Almost there … almost there. Photo: Getty Images

According to THR, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal have both signed on to star in Alfonso Gomez-Rejon’s The Current War, a development that gives us the perfect opportunity to Photoshop pictures of their faces very close together and imagine them locked in a tender embrace. The Current War tells the story of the battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse over electrical currents, and speaking of electricity, can you just imagine the sparks that would fly if Benedict Cumberbatch and Jake Gyllenhaal’s characters put aside their differences for just one scene and had some frenzied Victorian hate-sex? (Talk about an alternating current!) That probably won’t happen in this movie, so just look at a picture of these guys and cross your eyes a little bit, and it will all be all right.

Cumberbatch, Gyllenhaal to Make Movie Together