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Donald Trump and Joe Biden Are Taking Sides in the Upcoming Late-Night War

Good luck, hairdressers. Photo: Getty Images

“Nothing would be more boring than a late-night war,” Stephen Colbert told Jerry Seinfeld this summer — but, like a German diplomat in the summer of 1914, it turns out he was lying! Next week, Colbert’s Late Show will go head-to-head with Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, with an awe-inspiring list of guests that includes George Clooney, Kendrick Lamar, and Jeb Bush. Now today, Variety reports Fallon’s own guest list for that week includes Donald Trump, a former NBC employee who is quite possibly the most attention-grabbing person in America right now. As a counterattack, Colbert this afternoon announced yet another guest for his first week: the vice-president of the United States, “Diamond” Joe Biden.

It’s clear this war won’t end until one of these two books Taylor Swift, at which point the universe will eat itself.

Trump and Biden Take Sides in Late-Night War