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Amy Schumer Got Drunk and Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake (He Wasn’t There)

Though Amy Schumer had never met Jake Gyllenhaal and doesn’t know Jake Gyllenhaal, she rented his apartment and ate his cake, unbeknownst to the actor. Not the Jay-Z “pound cake” euphemism, but an actual cake. Speaking with Stephen Colbert Friday, Schumer shared a story of her cake-eating misadventures. While staying at Gyllenhaal’s place with her sister, Schumer went through all his stuff (“of course I did”), and among that stuff was an old birthday cake that said “You are a princess” on it. Schumer would get drunk, eat the cake, and speak to an imaginary Gyllenhaal as if she was a guest at the party at which the cake was served so long ago. But really, who hasn’t pretended Jake Gyllenhaal was eating cake with them?

Drunk Amy Schumer Ate Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cake