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See the (Fake) Trailer for Spider-Gwen, Marvel’s Latest Female-Led Movie

By and large, Hollywood’s superhero supremacy remains a boys’ club. Sure, there are women scattered in the supporting casts or on male-dominated teams, and Elektra and Catwoman both … happened. But the superhero flicks about Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, which are the next ones with female leads, don’t arrive until 2017 and 2018, respectively. Rather than curse the darkness, we decided to light a candle and got video artist Alex Coulombe to craft a trailer for a female-led Spider-Man spinoff called Spider-Gwen.

Like the recent hit Marvel Comics series of the same name, Spider-Gwen asks a question: What if Peter Parker’s ill-fated girlfriend Gwen Stacy got bitten by that radioactive arachnid instead of him, and she gained the ability to do whatever a spider can? How would she balance life as the teen daughter of a police officer and as New York’s premier superhero, Spider-Woman? Luckily, there’s plenty of footage of Emma Stone playing Gwen in The Amazing Spider-Man Nos. 1 and 2, as well as great stuff from all her other roles. Even luckier, cosplayer Julianne Cancalosi was able to help put together an amazing Spider-Gwen costume and stand in for the action scenes. Revel in the results and envision a better world.

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See the (Fake) Trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Gwen