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Will Krampus Be Our Next Great Christmas Horror Film?

Christmas and horror go together like peanut butter and pickles — unexpectedly perfectly! And yet, it’s been a little while since we’ve had a classic holiday horror movie to scare our stockings off. Into this gap steps Michael Dougherty’s Krampus, a long-overdue horror adaptation of the Germanic folklore villain of the same name. (If you’re unfamiliar with Krampus, he’s an evil demon who comes around every December 5 — Krampusnacht — to terrorize naughty children.) Despite the presence of Adam Scott and David Koechner in the film’s cast, we’re at least 95 percent sure this isn’t a genre spoof; we’ll know for sure once the film’s American trailer is released. Until then, please enjoy this European trailer — dubbed, appropriately enough, into German. Wir sind erschrocken!

Finally, They Made a Horror Movie About Krampus