Frankie Cosmos’s New Single Will Be Over Before You Realize How Much You Love It

Life’s short and so are Frankie Cosmos’s songs. Last year, Cosmos, whose real name is Greta Kline (she is Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates’s daughter), released New York/Vulture’s favorite album, Zentropy, a record of ten perfect pop songs that ran just over 17 minutes. Now she’s taking it a step further, with her first single off her upcoming Fit Me In EP, “Sand.” Another deceptively simple, incredibly charming ditty, it runs just 49 seconds. Written at the beginning of spring, where the idea of being outside felt like a novel, exciting concept, the song works equally well now, at the dawn of fall. Listen below, and get ready to want to read a book in a pile of leaves.

Frankie Cosmos’s New Single Is a Charming Wonder