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Some Hero Drew Game of Thrones People As Bob’s Burgers People

’Bob’s Burgers.’ Photo: FOX

Perhaps because both worlds are totally surreal and have rabid fandoms, one Imgur-user-slash-artist decided to combine Game of Thrones with Bob’s Burgers. “I’ve spent the last month drawing (almost) every character from Game of Thrones in the animated style of Bob’s Burgers,” the user, CarlosDanger101, wrote, providing 18 images of intricately designed, spot-on fan art. “I hope you like it!” Indeed we do, CarlosDanger. Indeed we do. The gallery (below) contains a slew of popular characters, ranging from those in House Stark and Targaryen to those in House Tyrell and Martell. (The people who are definitely not dead yet are also included, too — don’t worry.) Perusing the gallery, it’s easy to imagine Kristen Schaal bringing Arya to life, or Dan Mintz, a deadpan Hodor. With Bob’s Burgers returning later this month, one can only hope this will inspire more Catsteros.


A Hero Drew GOT People As Bob’s Burgers People