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Here’s the Craziest Thing That Happened in Shondaland Last Night

It was business as usual during the Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder premieres last night, save for one moment that was weird even for Shondaland. More than Annalise getting shot (!) or Bonnie being a murderer (!) or wondering who the hell “Eggs” is (True Blood crossover?) or the lesbian kiss (snore), there were two real WTF moments: First, Bonnie sits around watching the local news? And second: What the hell was that clubbing scene? In case your memory needs refreshing …

Here’s what we’ve learned: Annalise has a party wig, and there’s something going on with her and Wes. It’s one thing to cover up crimes for your professor — but to dance with her? Hmmm.

Here’s the Craziest Scene From HTGAWM’s Premiere