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Partner, Let Me Upgrade You: Hulu Finally Offers a Commercial-Free Option

Hulu steps up.

Hulu has heard your plaintive cries through the howling wind of social media and decided: There will be a commercial-free option! That’s right, Hulu will start looking more like its streaming competitors Netflix and Amazon and less like actual television, which is disappearing like an imprint on the sand. Of course, skipping ads comes at a price: $11.99 per month. There’s still the limited-commercial subscription for $7.99.

Hulu is stepping up its game to compete with its award-winning rivals, picking up The Mindy Project from Fox and aggressively expanding its original content by green-lighting shows like Amy Poehler’s Difficult People and 11/22/63 from Stephen King and J.J. Abrams. Plus, there’s the fact that Hulu announced a multi-year deal with Epix to pick up all the movies that used to be on Netflix. As the streaming wars continue, one thing will be true: You will never have to leave your house for anything!

Hulu Finally Offers a Commercial-Free Option