Jermaine Fowler to Star in a CBS Family Comedy and Showtime Standup Special

Standup and Friends of the People star Jermaine Fowler just landed two new TV projects. Deadline reports that CBS is currently developing a multi-cam comedy written by and starring Fowler, who will also star in his own hourlong Showtime standup special titled Jermaine Fowler: Give ‘Em Hell Kid as part of the deal. The untitled CBS show is inspired by Fowler’s life:

The untitled CBS project, which Fowler will write or co-write, is a multi-camera family comedy inspired by his life. Fower’s father was only 17 and his mother was 16 when they had their first child. Despite being so young, the two stayed together, raising Fowler and his siblings. Fowler, 27, will play a character loosely inspired by his dad, a 27-year-old binging up children who are around 10. Kids raising kids.

Fowler also starred in a semi-autobiographical pilot for ABC earlier this year called Delores & Jermaine, but it did not move forward at the network. Fowler’s Showtime special will air on Friday, December 11th.

Jermaine Fowler to Star in a CBS Family Comedy and […]