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Jimmy Kimmel: Future Presidents Donald Trump and Kanye West Have a Lot in Common

When Kanye announced his unqualified bid for the country’s presidency at the VMAs, Jimmy Kimmel realized that Yeezus was beginning to sound a lot like another aspiring candidate: Donald Trump. Kanye will probably not like this.

Or this (Guillermo!):

Last time Kimmel made fun of Kanye, the rapper turned savior turned fashion icon turned politician really didn’t like it. They’re supposed to be pals. But maybe they’ve come to an agreement, in which Kimmel is allowed to make fun of Ye a couple times a year in the name of comedy. Or maybe this is all part of Kanye’s master plan to get the idea out there (any press is good press, right?). Or maybe the new-ish facial hair just has Jimmy feeling brave as hell.

Jimmy Kimmel Compares Kanye to Donald Trump