back to school

Become a High School Know-It-All With This Concise Back-to-School John Oliver Lesson

Although John Oliver and his show aren’t quite back yet, they’re still here in spirit (read: via web exclusive) to help you ease back into school (or your back-to-school nostalgia). The below clip proffers some spot-on high school pro-tips, warnings, and shortcuts. Don’t worry — the most time-consuming thing you’ll have to do this year is watch the four-minute vid, as you essentially don’t have to read any books next year. Oh, and, for what it’s worth, you’ll probably become an expert on all things Warren G. Harding and Penn Badgley in no time, thanks to what can only be described as inevitable, unbridled curiosity, courtesy of the host. In John we trust; he returns September 13.

Become a Know-It-All With This J. Oliver Lesson