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Watch the Biebs Explain What the Deal Was With All Those VMA Emotions, Forgetfully Reveal His New Album’s Release Date

Justin Bieber gave an emotional comeback at MTV’s VMAs this past weekend — i.e., he did not get booed and he put “everything on the line.” Here, he explains to Fallon exactly why this year’s awards show meant so much to him. (Hint: It had less to do with the harness suffocating his junk, and more to do with the fact that he was surrounded by knuckleheads and cameras the last few years. And if you don’t believe him, he might just scoff and point a finger at you!) Also of note: The Biebs forgetfully revealed, with all the mysteriousness and distant cool of a Twilight character, that his new album drops November 13. Or something.

Biebs Explains VMA Emotions, Reveals Album Date