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Watch Katy Perry Run This Segway Into the Ground at Burning Man, Like She’s in a Boring Version of Mad Max

Inperrytor Katiosa. Photo: George Pimentel/2015 George Pimentel

And here you were thinking Segways were easy. Turns out they are tricky, especially in the sand. Katy Perry learned as much this weekend while at Burning Man — the annual music and art fest that’s kind of like Mad Max LARPing — where she turned into a masked ballerina, ultimately spinning too fast and running her personal transporter into the ground. Pics or it didn’t happen? Don’t even worry — the singer uploaded a whole video of her tumble to social media so people could happily lose their minds and so the Imperator Furiosas of the world could look at their smartphones, while filling up their rigs with guzzolene and waiting for a good, old-fashioned car chase, and say, Pfft. What an amateur, I could totally do that! One-handed, even.

Held in Nevada’s Black Rock City, Burning Man was extra intense this year, with winds whipping up sand at reported speeds of 30 to 50 miles per hour. Needless to say, Segwaying in general would’ve been a challenge. But here’s fearless Katy, an “obvious first time burner” (as she notes in her caption), trying to defy a small storm regardless:

Keith Hudson, Katy’s father, was unimpressed. He’s an expert Segwayer — sand or no sand — and showed everybody how to spin like a pro. One-handed, even. It was an inspired performance:

This is the proper way to seize the end of summer. Good work all around, guys.

Watch Katy Perry Crash a Segway at Burning Man