Lil Dicky’s Penny-Pinching ‘$ave Dat Money’ Video Is Definitely Absurd, But Also Pretty Much Perfect

Dave the Rapper, a.k.a. Lil Dicky, a.k.a. Tha Frugal Financier, sought out to make the most epic rap video ever — without spending any money. Spoiler alert: He was successful! Moral of the story video? “What you rappers braggin’ bout? You overpayin’ for it!” Instead of buying something, just ask to borrow it nicely for 15 minutes. You will likely get it. (Bonus: Lil Dicky also found Fetty Wap, Rich Homie Quan, Kevin Durant, Broad City cast members, and T-Pain along the way.)

Time to Watch Lil Dicky’s ‘$ave Dat Money’ Vid