Obama Looks Like Every Dad on Vacation in Photos for His Cameo on Running Wild

Photo: @whitehouse

It was revealed earlier this week that Obama would be appearing on TV adventure man Bear Grylls’s show Running Wild, where he’ll be joining the ranks of Kate Winslet and Channing Tatum to test his wilderness prowess in the great outdoors. The two of them partook in a three-day trip to Alaska, which served as a convenient backdrop to survey the impact of climate change on the state. As you can see from the newly released photos posted by the White House, our commander-in-chief isn’t above taking some classic “dad on vacation” snaps.

We’ll forgive the dad selfie faux pas of leaving the finger in the shot.

Hiking pants, a tasteful windbreaker, and protective shades? Straight out of the travel-dad look book.

He wants you to draw him like one of your French dads.

The episode will be airing on NBC later this year.

It’s Obama vs. Nature in Running Wild Photos