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The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Wants to Collect Breast Implants

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Norman ‘Breast Implant’ Reedus. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2014 Getty Images

Once upon a time, a female fan decided it would be a good idea to send Norman Reedus a silicone breast implant as a token of her appreciation. The gesture was well received. So well received that, another time (read: recently), the actor was gifted a second, a sister implant. Why? That’s unclear. But essentially, Reedus has the most weirdly loyal fans — something that has evidently excited the Walking Dead star to the point of aiming to become the Ash Ketchum of silicone. He explained as much to EW, ribbing during a photo shoot: “I just want to collect breast implants. I’m going to take them out of all the women’s bodies and just make a giant pile of them and lay my head on them. So, yeah — send more breast implants.”

No, really. Don’t believe us? Here he is saying all of that, with the same distant cool Apparently Kid employs when discussing dinosaurs:

And there you have it.

TWD’s Norman Reedus Collects Breast Implants