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Richard E. Grant Is the Latest Charming British Character Actor to Join Game of Thrones

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Richard E. Grant. Photo: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

After appearing in Downton Abbey and Doctor Who, Richard E. Grant has now completed the British character-actor trifecta: According to Watchers on the Wall, Grant’s C.V. has been updated to include a stint on the upcoming season of Game of ThronesLike Ian McShane, his role in GOT is unknown, though based on newly leaked casting descriptions, he seems a good fit for one of the members of a Braavosi acting troupe familiar to readers of a certain Winds of Winter preview chapter. But that’s just one guess — Grant could also be playing Randyll Tarly, Aeron Greyjoy, or, really, any character who demands the finest wines available to humanity.

Richard E. Grant Is Joining Game of Thrones