Taylor Swift Crashed Ryan Adams’s Zane Lowe Interview

BFFs. Photo: Getty Images

Now that Ryan Adams’s Springsteenian re-creation of Taylor Swift’s monster-selling 1989 is out for all the world to spend another autumn getting lost in, the rocker stopped by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show this afternoon to chat. He revealed he originally started recording the album late last year — when he was “totally bummed out” — and got really motivated to finish it when Twitter thought he was just trolling. But the highlight of the interview comes courtesy of the album’s originator, Taylor Swift herself, who “surprise”-called the show to sing Adams’s praises (skip to 7:40). Except there’s one problem: He’s kind of screwing up her tour. As Swift explains, she’s begun subconsciously singing her own songs the way Adams interprets them, pretty much ruining every fan’s sing-along goals. So when will Ryan officially be welcomed to Taylor’s stage? She’s “open to anything,” as is he, so it’s only a matter of time before he joins her #squad. He’s also apparently already finished a new double album (we told you the man works fast), so prepare for whichever 1989 World Tour date he’s brought out in to last no less than 15 hours.

Ryan Adams and Taylor Swift Talk 1989