Ryan Adams Is Finally Releasing His 1989 Covers Album; Listen to His ‘Bad Blood’

Ryan Adams’$2 1989.

Ever since Ryan Adams announced last month that he was in the process of covering every song on Taylor Swift’s 1989, we’ve been wishing he would just drop the full project already. Now our wildest dreams have come true. Adams announced today on Instagram that he’s out of the woods: The blank space where the album should be will be filled on September 21. Swift herself seemed to have trouble shaking off the excitement, calling the news “surreal and dreamlike.” Right now it’s unclear if Adams will charge for the album, or if he will release it for free in the current style. Either way, we know places you’ll be able to hear it.

To celebrate the release date, Adams also unveiled his version of “Bad Blood” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1.

Ryan Adams Is Releasing His 1989 Covers Album