Serial Creator Sarah Koenig Misses the Days When No One Cared What She Was Doing

Photo: Meredith Heuer

It’s been almost a year since the finale of Serial season one aired, to mixed reactions. Some found it satisfying, others were infuriated, but in the end one question remained: When will we get a season two? In May, creators Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder announced that they were hard at work on season two (and season three, to cut down on lag time), and that second season was set to premiere this fall. Last week, speculation ran wild after Koenig was spotted at a certain military hearing, but during a presentation at the Brooklyn Academy of Music last night, Koenig and Snyder revealed precious little about the show’s second season, instead telling everyone to leave them alone already.

“I really miss the days when nobody gave a crap what I was doing,” Koenig said. “I wish I wasn’t worrying that sources were going to call somebody and be like, ‘Guess who I just talked to.’ It’d be nice to just be like a troll in my basement again.”

“Ah, that time is coming,” replied Snyder, referencing her and Koenig’s belief that season two won’t explode the way season one did. “We’re really not planning on having the same response that we had in season one,” she explained later, “and frankly, we’re really totally okay with that.” So whatever the topic is for season two, apparently it won’t have the same universal appeal as Adnan Syed’s story. Maybe Koenig will get to crawl back into her basement after all.

Serial Creator Sarah Koenig Misses Her Anonymity