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Spotify Confirms You Heard Lorde Before Everyone Else, So Hold On to That Fact for When Teens at the Mall Make Fun of Your Hair

2 percent, dang.

Spotify released a new widget called Found Them First today, purportedly to tell users which artists they streamed before anyone else. In practice, though, the widget seems mostly to be a tool for informing people that they listened to Lorde. Which makes sense: If you streamed “Royals” when it blew up online in July 2013 — in other words, if you’re the type of person who reads pop-culture blogs — you were almost certainly in the first 10 percent of listeners, considering how ubiquitous the song got later that fall. Congratulations: You’re an independent, trailblazing tastemaker — just like everyone else.

Spotify Widget Confirms You Heard Lorde First