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T-Pain Sure Stunned Tons of People With This Auto-Tune-less National Anthem Performance

In case you forgot, T-Pain has an actual human voice and can actually sing. Well, he has done it again.

T-Pain notably explained to NPR last year that “people felt like I was using [auto-tune] to sound good … but I was just using it to sound different” — even though his natural voice is a divine gift. It might even be that angelic voice, taken from the likes of Fergie and Jesus, that John C. Reilly prophesied would come almost a decade ago to save us all. (Case in point: These dulcet, soulful pipes and interesting pitch options may or may not have inspired the Dodgers to win this game — nice, T-Pain! Never change. Keep using your voice for good.)

T-Pain Stunned Tons With the National Anthem