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Taran Killam Will Play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live: How Will He Ever Find Material?

We can’t wait for the wigs.

Taran Killam: You’re hired! SNL returns October 3, and with it, one of the most coveted roles for the 2015–16 season: Donald Trump. Deadline reports that Taran Killam, who has done impressions of everyone from Matthew McConaughey to Michael Cera, landed the gig after multiple cast members auditioned for the part. The stakes are obviously high, as the fall television season coincides with with the reality-television circus that is the Republican presidential debates. Darrell Hammond, who played Trump in the past, wasn’t considered; instead, he’ll continue on as Bill Clinton to Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. If Killam does his job, he’ll make it difficult for you to discern the difference between a joke candidate and a joke.

Taran Killam Will Play Donald Trump on SNL