Listen to the Haunting Original Song, ‘Villain,’ Thom Yorke Wrote for Rag & Bone

Not to be outdone by Yeezy during New York Fashion Week, Thom Yorke gifted Rag & Bone with another original song for one of its shows. (The musician has had a habit of doing this the last few years.) Titled “Villain,” the eight-minute track earlier this week provided an otherworldly backdrop for the company’s spring/summer 2016 runway models — though it sounds less like what comes after winter and more like something for Matt Damon and The Martian. Swirling piano lines mesh with the haunting voices of the Brooklyn Youth Choir, before transitioning into mellow dance beats, to create something beautifully light, distant. (Never mind, I guess spring will feel exactly like that in a couple months. Nice work, Thom, you musical prophet.) For more on the show itself, head here.

Thom Yorke Wrote an Original Song for Rag & Bone