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Hear a Solemn Song From Tori Amos’s Musical, The Light Princess

Two years ago, Tori Amos brought her first stage production, The Light Princess, to London’s Royal National Theater after a five-year wait. The musical, which playwright Samuel Adamson loosely adapted from George MacDonald’s 19th-century fairy tale about a princess stripped of her emotions and confined to permanent midair float, opened to positive reviews. As Amos continues to mull a Broadway run for the show, she’ll release the musical’s cast recording for the first time on October 9, which features original songs penned by the fearless pianist and songwriter. Today, Vulture premieres one of the soundtrack’s highlights, “Darkest Hour,” featuring Rosalie Craig, who played the titular Princess Althea.

“Darkest Hour” is the tortured confessional Althea sings when she’s at her breaking point and seems to have lost the will to carry on. “When we reach this point in the musical, even though she has been freed from the shackles of torture placed there by her father, the Light Princess chooses to take her own life in the hidden lake,” Amos explains. “The lake hears her sing ‘Darkest Hour’ and provides her with a different solution.” In addition to songs recorded by the show’s London cast, The Light Princess soundtrack will also include two brand-new songs sung by Tori Amos herself.

Hear a Song from Tori Amos’s The Light Princess