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Watch Susan Sarandon and Some Naked Hippies Take Timothy Leary’s Ashes to Burning Man

Susan Sarandon, OG drug enthusiast, made her second trip to Burning Man’s annual dust-stormy celebration of life, love, and LSD — and this time, she brought a friend. While Katy Perry was off somewhere running after her Segway, Sarandon was busy commemorating Timothy Leary in the Nevada desert. See, when the psychologist and longtime acid activist died in 1996, he bequeathed his ashes to some of his friends, including Sarandon. Most of them went off into space, but she saved a few especially for this trip. Last weekend, Sarandon — wearing the wedding dress of your Coachella dreams — re-burned (and apparently “drank“) his ashes at an elaborate ceremony inside a cathedral-like Totem of Confessions (which she helped build). Thankfully, someone vlogged the whole trippy tribute for our NSFW viewing pleasure. (Watch her speech at 1:40 and the procession to the totem at 9:00.)

Queen of the Desert:

Watch Susan Sarandon’s Trippy Burning Man Vlog