You Freaked Out Watching the Goodnight Mommy Trailer. Can You Make It Through This Horrifying Clip?

The trailer for the Austrian creepfest Goodnight Mommy went viral last month, and with good reason: The movie has a crackerjack horror premise — when a mother comes home from an extensive bout of plastic surgery swathed in creepy bandages, her young twins are certain she’s a monstrous impostor — and it’s filled with artfully composed, totally unnerving images meant to haunt your dreams. In fact, Vulture’s got an exclusive clip from the film (out September 11), and if you were running low on nightmare fuel, this minute and a half is sure to supply some. It starts so innocently, as one of the boys wakes up with a start in his quiet house, but by the time he walks into his mysterious mother’s bedroom with a retractable knife … well, let’s just say you don’t want to watch this anywhere that you couldn’t get away with shouting “NO, NO, NO” at your computer. Enjoy!

Watch This Horrifying Goodnight Mommy Clip