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When Is TV Best Watched With Others?

The Vulture TV Podcast” wants to know: What are your favorites memories of watching television with other people? On this week’s episode, Margaret, Matt, and Gazelle remember all the times — before the days of solitary binge-watching — they did (and didn’t) enjoy the presence of others during TV time, and discuss why soapier shows often lend themselves better to a live, shared experience. Stay tuned for an extended dining metaphor about shows like Quantico and Empire that just give you the damn food.

This episode contains spoilers in the following discussions:

Quantico series premiere: 16:38–35:53
Empire season-two premiere: 35:53–48:57

Further reading: Margaret Lyons reviews Quantico; Matt Zoller Seitz on Empire’s aggressive politics; Matt on the rise of fast TV

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When Is TV Best Watched With Others?