Try to Make Sense of Michael Moore’s ‘Secret’ Doc With This Where to Invade Next Teaser

Upon first glance, Michael Moore’s “secret movie” might look like an absurdist exercise in American-flag planting and foreign AT&T commercials. But really, the Europe-set doc, which premiered Thursday night at TIFF, promises to cover the U.S.’s state of “infinite war” and the fulfillment of the American Dream abroad. “I’m not going to say anything about this movie. We haven’t said anything about it the whole time we were making it,” he reportedly said at TIFF. “We’ve been digging for something else in this movie and it is called the American Soul … We had a good, and emotional time making it, because it was difficult as Americans doing what we ended up doing.” (You can read more about Where to Invade Next here; it has Stateside showings scheduled in October for the New York Film Fest.)

Here’s the Teaser for Michael Moore’s Latest Doc