The ‘Why You Always Lying?’ Vine Has an Even Longer Video to Obsess Over

Mmmmmohmygod, there’s now an extended version of that insanely catchy “Why You Always Lying?” Vine. The Vine, created by shade king Nicholas Fraser and set to Next’s “Too Close,” has become a viral meme in just a few short weeks. Wiz Khalifa has quoted it, DJs are dropping it in the club, and Complex even tracked down the guy. (Fraser’s internet philosophy: “I thought it would get 100 likes, and what’s 100 likes nowadays? It’s worth like, what, two hot-dog buns?”) And now, because every 6-second hit requires a full-length video (see: Tokyo Vanity’s “That’s My Best Friend“), “Why You Always Lying?” has one. Here’s all the Halloween-costume inspo you need.

The ‘Why You Always Lying’ Vine Has a Full Video