eye-emoting that would make tyra proud

9 Times Adele Stared Directly Into Your Soul in Her ‘Hello’ Video: A GIF Dedication

We’re all at her mercy.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, Adele dropped in to tell the world “hello” after a three-year hiatus with the video for the devastating first single from 25. It’s a gut-punch, packed with all the withering stares and melodrama you’ve adored about Adele since 21 (or 19, if you’re a real OG). Gaze into her eyes as she reaches deep within to snatch your soul, à la Mona Lisa. Below we’ve rounded up the best face-serving moments in “Hello” so you, too, can learn how to burn holes in the hearts of your admirers with just one fatal look.

Use when you know you have the receipts:

Use when the real-estate agent promised you a true bedroom and gave you the cupboard under the stairs:

Use when the streets is watching:

Use when you’re in need of a good face massage:

Use when you’re plotting revenge:

Use when you refuse to let the fall breeze disturb your blowout:

Use when it’s all just too much:

Use when you know you murdered that high note:

Use when it’s game over, bitch:

Use when your ex made you believe flip phones were still cool but really an iPhone just wasn’t in his budget:

9 GIFs of Adele Serving Face in ‘Hello’ Video