Sideshow Bob Finally Killed Bart Simpson Last Night

It was an unhappy Halloween for Bart Simpson because, as previously reported, the bloodthirsty Sideshow Bob finally got to do what he’s always wanted on last night’s “Treehouse of Horror”: kill Bart. Here’s a snippet of the variegated savagery, which EW shared ahead of the weekend:

Don’t worry — the good news is Bart essentially just turned into Springfield’s Kenny for part of the night. The bad news, though, is that meant viewers were forced to stomach this temporary depravity over and over and over and over again:

“You never saw the Road Runner lose. This time you do,” Simpsons EP Al Jean explained to EW earlier, regarding the above vignettes. Jean also livetweeted the special Sunday night, noting that they “tried to seriously explore what happens when you get the one thing you’ve ever wanted in life,” and that Kelsey Grammer, who voices Bob, was very pleased his character finally got his revenge. (Even though all the ay caramba came in a special that’s traditionally known for its anything-goes, continuity-less manner.)

Treehouse of Horror XXVI” also included two other segments that sent up Hollywood’s first Godzilla movie, as well as 2012’s Chronicle:

Bart, along with the rest of the fam, should be back November 8, for the next regular-season episode. Until then: RIP for a little bit, man.

Sideshow Bob Killed Bart Simpson Last Night