Beyoncé Vows to Steal Hamilton’s King George’s Walk

Photo: Joan Marcus, Getty Images

An early Hamilton highlight, in a play of highlights, comes when King George (Jonathan Groff) comes out to basically sing a breakup song to the colonies. Not only one of the catchiest melodies of the musical, it might also be the show’s funniest moment, as Groff walks out in a very formal, deliberate, pompous stroll, looking around and down upon the cast and audience. It’s capped off with a particularly condescending, sassy turn. It’s pretty wonderful, and now it’s Beyoncé-approved. In a series of tweets (below), Lin-Manuel Miranda told the story of the Queen coming up to the King after the show and telling him she’s stealing the walk. So, next time Beyoncé plays Barclays, look out for a walk that’ll instinctively make 20,000 Brooklynites throw tea into the Gowanus.

Beyoncé to Steal Hamilton’s King George’s Walk