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Check Out This Hilariously Wise, Unearthed Bill Murray Interview From the ’80s

With Bill Murray’s Rock the Kasbah out, America’s favorite raconteur and party crasher is back in the limelight. (Then again, it feels like he’s never really out of it.) With impeccable timing, PBS’s Blank on Blank series, which animates lost interviews with famous names, has unearthed, repackaged, and published the above tape featuring the elusive actor in 1988. Given all the wise Murray-isms, it’s hard to believe this is from that long ago, circa Scrooged, but it is.

Here Murray talks to then Irish America magazine journalist T.J. English about Second City, his family, how fame affected his life, and, perhaps most notably, how he’s still a punk kid at heart. “I’m just an obnoxious guy who can make it appear charming,” he explains. “That’s what they pay me to do.” You can listen to the full Blank on Blank clip below, and scope out even more outtakes from the seemingly timeless interview here.

Check Out This Unearthed Bill Murray Interview