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Report: Cathriona White Was Married When She Died

Jim Carrey and Cathriona White leave their hotel hand in hand
White and Carrey. Photo: NIGNY/Corbis

A week after Cathriona White died, THR reports that Jim Carrey’s off-again, on-again girlfriend was married to another man at the time of her alleged suicide. According to the L.A. medical examiner’s office, White’s medical information listed a husband as her next of kin, and People reports his name is Mark Burton. No other information about Burton has been revealed, but a THR source in Carrey’s camp says White was separated from her husband and about to get a divorce, adding, “There is no way that Jim would have taken her out to public places if he thought [otherwise].” White’s family arrived in the U.S. this week hoping to take her body back to Ireland; for that to happen, Burton would have to relinquish his rights as next of kin.

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Cathriona White Was Married When She Died