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Stephen Colbert and Jack Black Made a Political Pop Anthem That’s (Almost) Generic Enough for Every Presidential Candidate to Use

Picking a song for your political campaign might just be harder than choosing the first-dance song for your wedding. So rather than run the risk of being called an “orange clown” and getting a cease-and-desist order from the likes of Neil Young or R.E.M., Stephen Colbert is here to make every politician’s life easier. He and Jack Black wrote a totally free, totally generic (in a good way!) “pop anthem” for any candidate to use on the campaign trail. It’s a little bit country (Black’s in denim), a little bit rock ‘n’ roll (not really), and just about as all-American as it gets. There’s a Bagel Bites reference! It’s even p.c.-culture-friendly (“Did I ever mention how much I love Latinos?”). Our kind of America, indeed.

Colbert and Jack Black Made a Political Anthem