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Colbert and Kimmel Share Stories (and Art Pieces) of Their Chain-Smoking Agent Baby Doll

On Friday night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert’s rival Jimmy Kimmel (whose show your DVR records every night) showed up to shoot the breeze. Kimmel, who is performing at the Brooklyn Academy of Music next week, busted Colbert’s chops over the Late Show host taking a week-long vacation after only six weeks of work, to which Colbert retorted, “Get a better agent.” But the plot twist is they share the same agent — a chain-smoking, cologne-wearing (Versace, baby, one bottle a week), very tan man named James Dixon, referred to by friends as Baby Doll. Kimmel even bestowed upon Colbert a piece of art he created depicting Baby Doll sucking on a cigarette. Kimmel joked that Dixon’s super-tan face and smoke-suffused lungs are having a race to see which gets cancer first. You can watch the two hosts wax comedic on their agent, the King of Late Night, below.

Colbert and Kimmel Share a Chain-Smoking Agent