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Dan Stevens to Play Anne Hathaway’s Handsome Ex in Her Weird-Ass Monster Movie

Danne Stevensway. Photo: Corbis

Putting the Lost in Translation in “Godzilla meets Lost in Translation,” the upcoming Anne Hathaway monster-telepathy film Colossal has signed on Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens to play Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend, Variety reports. Hathaway plays a recently dumped young woman whose quarter-life crisis is interrupted by the discovery that she shares a mind-link with a monster that’s destroying Seoul. (The location has been moved from Tokyo, presumably because of a legal challenge from Toho.) Stevens will play the undoubtedly charming-yet-obnoxious man who broke her heart, “only to later fight to win her back.” Jason Sudeikis is also appearing in the film, and if he’s playing the real love interest, you have to think that Stevens is probably monster food. Stay away from cars, cousin Matthew!

Dan Stevens Joins Anne Hathaway in Colossal