David Cross’s ‘Todd Margaret’ Returns to IFC for a Third Season on January 7th

David Cross’s The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, now simply knowns as Todd Margaret, is coming back for a six-episode third season on IFC in early January. The episodes are airing across two nights: the first three episodes will air on January 7th at 10pm, with the last three episodes airing a week later on the 14th at 10pm.

The third season is set to pick up right where 2012’s season two left off – with Margaret having just blown up the world. Yeah, we’ll see how they handle that. In any case, Jack McBreyer is joining the cast for the third season, and he’ll be joined by returning guests Will Arnett, Blake Harrison, Sharon Horgan, Amber Tamblyn, and Russ Tamblyn. Here’s how the press release sums up the show:

“Since we last saw Todd Margaret, which we thought was actually the last time we’d see him, this show has become a favorite among comedy fans,” commented Jennifer Caserta, IFC’s president. “Only David Cross could write his way around destroying the world to resurrect this character and story in a way that’s mind blowing and completely hilarious.” Throughout the first two seasons, Todd Margaret bluffs his way into a senior sales position heading up the London office for the new energy drink Thunder Muscle, instigates a biohazard emergency at a major grocery store, gets swindled out of his Thunder Muscle stock by Turkish terrorists, disgraces a national tribute to fallen soldiers, gets arrested for breaking into Parliament, and, at the conclusion of season two, inadvertently blows up the world. In season three, fans will meet a very different Todd as the creators guide them on a journey where nothing is what it seems.

David Cross’s ‘Todd Margaret’ Returns to IFC for a […]